The aim of art is represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance

— Aristotle

Captured by Kelly Photography

I’m Kelly, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Northeast Ohio.  I specialize in using natural light to create soft, beautiful images. 

I specialize in outdoor, rustic and historic venue weddings and portraits.  There is something truly special about dreamy natural light and I love the timeless beauty it conveys in photographs.  It’s what inspires me.

I am a wife, mother and shameless coffee addict.  I love vintage-inspired decor, barns, summer fields and my cat, Oliver.  I love to travel and someday I WILL go to Europe 🙂  I am saved by amazing grace and never forget it. 


My approach on your wedding day is a combination of editorial and guided, natural posing.  Throughout most of the day, my partner and I stay out of the way and capture things exactly as they happen.  For a small part of the day we do step in and guide you to the best light and help you look your best in natural, comfortable poses that are anything but stiff and (dare I say), “cheesy”.  My goal is always convey authenticity, romance and beauty in your photos.

Because of our knowledge and expertise with light, we work diligently to achieve beautiful photos with our cameras (not our editing software).  While I do process your images and edit them minimally, I will not make you look like a different person.

Equally as important as stunning photography, my hope is always to give you an wonderful and stress free experience.  It is my pleasure to be a part of something so significant in your life and I take it very seriously.  My clients tend to become friends, which I love.  Do we sound like a match?  Let’s meet for coffee and talk 🙂


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